100% Cloud Applications

All the solutions we propose are working in 'cloud' mode. It means that you can access it from anywhere with a simple internet connexion.

The cloud offers multiple advantages

You don't need to create and maintain you own servers

No local installation is required outside a web browser

We can handle the maintenance and the evolution of your software remotely

You can optimize your resources usage and reduce your costs

Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud Services

Security and reliability above all

We work with Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and Google Cloud to guarantee a reliable and secure hosting for your applications.

Our team follows the best pratices recommended by these hosting services to guarantee an optimal service quality.

You can also choose to host your application with another provider and let us in charge of the maintenance.

In any case you are the owner of your data and can download them at any moment.

We choose the applications we work with for their capacity to interface themselves with any other web application allowing it. This is how we can propose integrations between almost all software we work with.