The Dokos project

Dokos is an adaptation of ERPNext.
Dokos has been create to make this software compatible with the french and european regulation and to accelerate its development in Europe.
It is distributed under the GPLv3 licence.
Dokos is an alternative to proprietary software to which everyone is welcome to participate.

For your company, it means many things…

A complete independence

No dependence on the software publisher or a specific integrator.

No license fees

No license fees to pay to use the software.

A 100% free installation

A total freedom to install the software on your servers if you wish.

Latest web and cloud technologies

The 100% web architecture of Dokos allows its usage in a public or private cloud.
You can install it on your own servers, within the internal network of your company or in any public cloud (OVH, Hetzner, Digital Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, …).
Its technical architecture relies on the following techonologies :
  • Linux
  • MariaDB
  • Python
  • JavaScript
The Dodock framework on which Dokos is installed allows also installing other applications. You can therefore develop your own customizations, host them on your server and have them evolve in parallel to Dokos, without modifying its source code. It makes it easier to control your maintenance costs, while leaving a great flexibility to optimize you company's platform.
With its multi-tenant architecture by default, Dokos allows you to host several sites with independant databases, while using the same applications.

An open-source business management platform

Dokos is an adaptation of ERPNext and the Frappe framework, respectively under GNU-GPLv3 and MIT licence.
It means that the code of this software can be used and modified for personal of commercial usage.

Install Dokos freely

Follow our documentation to install Dokos on your server.
You can also launch a preinstalled version of Dokos on Digital Ocean.

Documentation and community

Benefit from an active community to get access to questions asked by other users and the answers provided by our technical team.
A documentation has been redacted to give you all the informations linked to the usage of the software. From the installation of Dokos to the setup of each module.

Bespoke consulting

Your activity has specific requirements ? Our technical team will be able to assist you in deploying the software and to answer all your queries.
Call us, send us a message
Our team can help you with your project
Our team answers all your questions and present you all the advantages and functionalities of Dokos. Fill in this form and we will contact you as soon as possible !

Quick to respond

Our customer support team can be joined Monday to Friday.

Full-featured business management platform

Dokos is an alternative to proprietary software and anyone is welcome to participate to the project.