The latest web and cloud technologies

dokos is a software born with the cloud.

Its 100% web architecture allows an usage in a public cloud as well as in a private cloud.

You can install it on your own servers, inside your company's private network or on any public cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, OVH, ...)

Its technical architecture is based on the following technologies:


dokos is installed on dodock, a web framework allowing also the installation of additional applications.
You can develop your own customizations, host them on your server and have them evolve in parallel to dokos, without having to modify your source code.
It allows a stricter maintenance costs control, while leaving a lot of flexibility to optimize your software platform.

With its multi-tenant architecture by default, dokos allows you to host several sites with independant databases using the same applications.

You have any question regarding the technologies underlying dokos ?

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The software


dokos source code is fully available on Github under the GNU-GPLv3 licence

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The project

dokos is an alternative to proprietary software to which everyone is welcome to participate

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