Human resources management

Job Openings

Create your job openings and publish them on dokos integrated website. Or integrate them on your external website with the API.

Leave Application

Manage your employees leave allocations and applications.

Team Updates

Centralize your team's daily work updates and encourage team communication.

From the job offer to leave management

Support your employees career

Post you job openings, propose trainings, register attendance or grade each of your team member's performance.

Manage leaves and payroll

Allow you employee to submit leave applications and track their allocation. Then generate their pay slips at the end of the period.

Employee Lifecycle

Get a set of tools to manage the different events encountered by your employees while in your company.


Mark your employee's attendance with checkins/checkouts.


Configure your payroll components based on your country's specificity and generate your employee's pay slips.


Plan your employee's training and track their results and feedbacks.


Record employee appraisals for each period. Encourage their use of the ERP with energy points.

Expense Claims

Setup a validation workflow and let your employee submit their expense claims.


Manage loans made to your employees and their repayment.

Shift Management

Program shifts for your different teams and assign each employee to it.

Fleet Management

Track your vehicule fleet usage to calculate their corresponding expenses.