Free as in free speech

dokos is an adaptation of ERPNext and Frappe framework, respectively under GNU-GPLv3 and MIT licences.
It means that you can use and modify the software source code for both personal and commercial purposes.

For your company, it offers several guarantees:

No licence fees to pay in order to use the software
No vendor lock-in, may it be the editor of the software or a software integrator
A full freedom to install the software on your servers if you wish to do so

The licence targets only the source code of the software and absolutely not your data:

they remain your property at all time and their security depends only of your usage of the software.

You need any guarantee or support for the usage of the software ?

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The software


dokos uses the latest web and cloud technologies to guarantee a secure, reliable and performant plateform

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The project

dokos is an alternative to proprietary software to which everyone is welcome to participate

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