Services for every needs

Dokos is 100% open-source and free, but if you need a hosting solution or support to use the software, we are here to help.


Excl. VAT

Managed hosting and maintenance
Access to all modules
Unlimited users
In-app documentation
Support via the community forum
1500 documents created/month
500 outgoing emails/month *
2 GB file storage included **

Excl. VAT

Everything in Bootstrap
Possibility to create python scripts
Email support for 2 users
3000 documents created/month
1000 outgoing emails/month *
10 GB file storage included **

Excl. VAT

Everything in Startup
Custom domain name
Custom fonts installation
Email support for 5 users
8000 documents created/month
1500 outgoing emails/month *
50 GB file storage included **
* Additional emails: 1€ exc. VAT / 1000 emails. Possibility to use your email platform instead.
** Additional storage: 5€ exc. VAT / 10GB.

Possibility to use SMS at 5€ exc. VAT / 100 sms or to use you own SMS platform


Installation on your server
99 €

exc. VAT

Give us an access to your server and we install Dokos for you
Starting pack
1000 €

exc. VAT

20 Hours of support
Remote or on site *
Configuration of the software depending on your situation
Training to use the software
500 €/day

exc. VAT

1 day/8 hours of training
Remote or on site *
Training adapted to your situation
Possibility to establish a training convention
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Bespoke or self hosting
* Customers are responsible for any traveling expenses.
Dokos is 100% open source

You can host it for free on your servers

Read the documentation

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What is included in the hosting offer ?
The hosting offer includes the hosting of your site in the European Union, the evolutive maintenance of your application, as well as a storage space, a number of monthly emails and a level of support depending on the formula you choose.
Why do you charge based on the number of documents created and not per user ?
Our experience shows that your usage of the software, and therefore your hosting needs, do not depend on the number of users. You may want to give access to your accountant or to users with very limited permissions and we understand that you would not want to be fully charged for these types of users.
What does 1 created document in Dokos represent ?
Every time you create a new customer or a new quotation it counts as a new created document. We do exclude all technical document, such as logs, or incoming emails from the number of created documents. You can see the details of all created document in your customer account.
Why is there a limit on the number of emails sent from Dokos ?
Our hosting offers do include a pre-configured email integration with our email provider. You can always change the setup to integrate your own email provider with Dokos and avoid this limit.
What happens if I reach my file storage limit ?
You can keep your current plan rate and we will only propose you an additional file storage extension. Each additional 10GB is charged 5€/month.
What if my usage goes above my current plan limit ?
Your ERP will still be available. If your usage is above the limit for several months in a row we will contact you to discuss about your upgrade options.
Can I switch to a self hosted instance after some time on Dokos Cloud ?
Yes, you can always download all your data (database + files) and migrate them to a self hosted instance. We would be happy to provide you support if needed. You can also switch back to Dokos Cloud anytime.
What if I have more questions ?
We'd be happy to answer them. Just send us an email at