A software accessible like a normal website

Dokos allows you to create a showcase website in a few minutes. Customize your website to match your company's image.

Sell your items directly on your website thanks to Dokos e-commerce capabilities. Once your activity grows, you can directly integrate a more specialized e-commerce platform.

A section accessible only by registered users allows you to give access to your customer or suppliers so they can download their invoices or fill a webform.

Main functionalities for the website and portal


Create a fully customizable website.

Web page

Make custom layouts to showcase your activity, services and products.

Online shop

An e-commerce site to sell your products online.


Setup a customer/supplier portal. They are able to find any document they need.

Web form

Conceive web forms for your customers and suppliers. Get contacts through forms.

Integrated blog

A dedicated space for content creation to write about subjects linked to your field of activity.