Open Source Softwares

We propose to work with open-source solutions to benefit from the best technologies at the most competitive price. Open-source guarantees the sustainability of your IT infrastructure, while giving you more control about your costs thanks to the flexibility of the licences You benefit from quality softwares guaranteeing the necessary flexibility to evolve with your company.

We provide an interface between the editors, the users communities and we guarantee a technical and functional expertise.

All the proposed solutions meet the following criteria :

Sustainable projects under open-source licences

Stable software used by thousands of companies around the world

Our expertise of each of these solutions

Our commitment to the open-source eco-system

Open Source Software

Rethink about your business solutions

100% Cloud Applications

No more installation or maintenance on your computer. You just need an internet connexion.

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A Team of Experts

We handle the technical part and accompany you like a dedicated team.

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