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Features for all your business needs

Dokos is a free and open-source business management platform. Its use will always remain free.

All features are included. No additional fees.

Our team is be able to assist you in setting up the tool. We offer several packages for installation, software training, customization.

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A plateform adapted to your activity

Open-source software open to all

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Dokos is an adaptation of the ERPNext software and the Frappe framework, respectively licensed under GNU-GPLv3 and MIT.

The Dokos project

Dokos is an alternative to proprietary software to which everyone is welcome to participate.

Dokos Cloud

Dokos uses the latest web and cloud technologies to ensure a secure, reliable and efficient platform.

Open source

Dokos source code is fully available on Gitlab under the GNU-GPLv3 license.


Dokos can be customized according to your needs for your business.

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Features for all your business needs

With Dokos, you get a complete and flexible business management tool. All modules are included in the software. You have the ability to enable or disable features according to your needs. Our team, specialized in support and development, remains at your disposal.

Sell more

Manage your prospects, quotations, sales orders, invoices and register your payments

Register your purchases

Register your company's purchases and get profitability reports and margin calculation in real time

Get stock projections

Get real time stock levels, projections, manage your batches and serial numbers and automatically reorder

Pilot your manufacturing activities

Build your BOMs and track your production and your inventory

Improve your quality
Quality Management

Define procedures and goals to improve the quality level of your products

Monitor your accounting data

Generate your profit and loss and your balance sheet in real time with each transactions

Human resources management
Human Resources

Centralize the tracking of leaves, attendances, expenses and manage your recrutement

Pilot your projects

Break down your activity into projects and track the time spent on each of your tasks

Provide the best support

Give your users access to a self-service ticketing service to handle a large volume of support requests

Create a website
Website and portal

Create a corporate website, an e-commerce website or simply give your customers and suppliers access to a secure portal

Create your dashboards

Create complete dashboards to get a clear overview of your activity

Integrate your system in a global ecosystem

Integrate your system with Stripe, GoCardless, Slack, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and many other applications

Dokos is an alternative to proprietary software to which everyone is welcome to participate.

For your company, it means many things…

A complete independence

No dependence on the software publisher or a specific integrator.

No license fees

No license fees to pay to use the software.

A 100% free installation

A total freedom to install the software on your servers if you wish.

For developers and technophiles

A powerful and flexible open-source software

Dokos is an adaptation of the ERPNext software and the Frappe framework, respectively licensed under the GNU-GPLv3 and MIT licenses.

This means that the code of this software can be used and modified for personal or commercial purposes.

Read the documentation
# get an existing document
doc = frappe.get_doc('Task', 'TASK00002')
doc.title = 'Test'

# get a single doctype
doc = frappe.get_doc('System Settings')
doc.timezone # France/Paris
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