September 8, 2021 - Nicolas Tissot

New functionalities in version 2.1

New features and updates on Dokos: Compatibility, Purchasing, Dodock Framework, HR, Projects, Sales and Inventory.

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For this new update of Dokos, some changes are to be noted on several modules including accounting, sales, purchases, inventory, projects and Human Resources.

Creating a multilingual site

You now have the possibility to create your website in several languages. A language selector can be displayed on the site to allow users to choose their preferred language.

Display of available stock in supplier orders

From the supplier orders, you now have a field that displays the total stock on hand. Until now you had to go to your inventory and view the stock on the item to see the availability.

Create purchase receipts faster

When you physically receive goods, raw materials, etc., you need to enter a receipt. This receipt will usually be linked to a purchase order or a purchase invoice.

Purchase receipts can now be created from your purchase invoices. No need to manually create your purchase receipt following a receipt. Make your purchase invoice and generate the purchase receipt simply.

New reports for your projects

Generate new reports to manage your projects. View the profitability of a project and see the hours used by employees.

Document sharing and user type creation for HR

In the Human Resources module, you have the ability to share the document with employee approvers even if they do not have access to the document.

Moreover, you can create a specific user type only for employees who need to access the system for the HR part.

You can find the detailed list of changes in this new update in the technical documentation.

Our roadmap is accessible to everyone, so don't hesitate to comment, suggest and propose concrete solutions to help us make this software evolve in the right direction.