Track your inventory in real time

Stock level

Control your stock level and automatically reorder if it is below your threshold.

Stock movements

Every transaction generates stock movements between your orders, your warehouses and your deliveries.

Stock reconciliation

Book your inventory and keep track of your stocks valuation rates.

Easily master the complexity of stock management

Your transactions update your stock levels

Your daily purchases, sales or production operations update your stocks. You can even trigger an automatic reorder level.

Reconcile your stock easily and update your accounting

Several integrated tools allow you to easily handle your year end inventory and update your stock accounts. It is even possible to apply the permanent inventory method.

Serial and batch numbers

Dokos allows you to handle the complexity linked to serial and batch numbers.

Real cost calculation

Calculate the real costs linked to the reception of goods and update easily your accounting.

Packing slips and deliveries

Create packing slips to facilitate your deliveries, organize your delivery tours, track your vehicules and give the right information to your drivers.

Permanent inventory

Dokos' permanent inventory system gives the ability to value your stocks in real time.

Stock projections

Project your stock levels and you reordering needs based on your sales or manufacturing orders.

Stock analysis

Access multiple pre-conceived reports to analyze your stocks. You can export everything to Excel/Google Sheets for a personalized analysis.