Plan your production effectively for a better management of your products

Create work orders to plan your production

Tell the production floor which quantity of products they need to produce. Register your work orders on the plateform to easily find back all done projects.

Manage your receptions easily based on the order volume

As soon as a transaction is realized, the information is communicated to all documents managing the purchasing needs. Order all necessary ressources based on the requested volume.

Account all your costs and calculate the margin realized by the production

Register all your purchases to keep your stocks updated and easily calculate your margins. All transactions are centralized on the platform to easily find back any information.

Main functionalities of the manufacturing module

Bill of material tool

Fill in all the operations necessary to create a product. A bill of material is the list of all materials and operations.

Work order

Access all your work orders from the platform. Manage the documents that have been transmitted to the production floor.

Production plan

Plan your production by creating a plan for the production of your items. Handle your purchases easily with Dokos.

Manufacturing operations

Create your production operations on raw materials to use them in the production process.

Cost price

From the platform, you can visualize the cost price per product and follow its evolution.

Manufacturing dashboard

With the dashboard, you can have an overview of all your manufacturing processes thanks to tables and reports.