Facilitate the management of your purchasing cycle

Request for quotation

Create requests for quotation and receive the best prices from your different suppliers.

Purchase Order

Track the state of your purchases from order to delivery.

Purchase Invoice

Book your purchases final cost and instantly update your profit and loss report.

Save time on the most time-consuming tasks

Book your costs and calculate your margins

Register your purchases to maintain an accurate inventory and easily calculate your sales margin.

Work only with the most reliable suppliers

Create suppliers scorecards based on custom criteria and improve your supply chain quality.


Create a record for each of your supplier and keep a track of all transactions during your commercial relationship.

Items and VAT

Create your items data base, record your suppliers pricing lists and buy your supplies at the best price.


Doing dropshipping ? Just create a purchase order from a sales order and mark it as delivered when you have your supplier's delivery confirmation.

Blanket orders

Negotiate volume deals with blanket orders and track their consumption.

Recurring documents

Automate the creation of recurring documents with auto repetitions.

Purchase analytics

Access multiple pre-conceived reports to analyze your purchases. You can export everything to Excel/Google Sheets for a personalized analysis.