Quality Management

Define procedures and objectives to improve the quality of your products

Set precise goals for your teams

Create a set of individual measures defining your quality objectives.

Control your products to improve their quality

Create quality procedures to be respected. Set step-by-step instructions to improve the quality of controls and find solutions for each problem you meet.

Setup meetings to follow your quality management

Prepare quality meetings to discuss the objectives, controles and results obtains. Keep the meeting nots inside the application.

Main functionalities for the quality management module


Define quality goals and control them regularly.


create procedures to control and meet your goals.

Quality meetings

Plan meetings and follow the actions and resolutions decided during each of them.

Quality feedbacks

Track the quality feedbacks of your teams or customers to improve your products. Use the API to integrate a form on your website.

Quality action

Implement actions to reach the inital goals and enhance the quality of your products or services.

Quality control tracking

Analyze your control feedbacks and manage your quality processes easily on the plateform.