Facilitate the management of your sales cycle


Create detailed quotations and communicate with your customers from the application until closing the deal.

Sales Orders

Track your sales orders status, from production until delivery of the goods or services at your customer's gates.


Invoice your sales orders at the most convenient time, in one or more occasions depending on your activity type.

Optimise your sales operations and integrate them with the rest of your value chain

Trigger your production and invoicing from your quotations or sales orders

Customize your print formats to display the best image of your company. Send them to your leads via email and receive the answer directly in dokos to trigger the production operations or the delivery of goods or services.

Online payments

Allow you customers to pay their bills on your website and give them access to a fully customizable online portal to download their invoices.


Create a record for each of your customers and keep a track of all transactions during your commercial relationship.


Create your items data base, your pricing lists and sell your products or services. Apply discounts to some customers or customer groups.

VAT and delivery charges

Create VAT and delivery charges models and assign them to your customers and items to invoice accurately.


Invoice your recurring customers thanks to dokos subscription system, integrated with Stripe and GoCardless.

Sales partners

Track sales realized by your sales partners and easily calculate their commissions.

Sales analytics

Access multiple pre-conceived reports to analyze your sales. You can export everything to Excel/Google Sheets for a personalized analysis.